list item align issue

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Hi Webix team,
I have a list ,how can i align its list item in center?



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    thanks,But whenever i resize the window then half of the content within that list get cut.How can we make it dynamic?

  • If my window body having height of 700 px and I am having 5 list item then how can I distribute 700 px height into 5. Now its taking 38 px 38px only. Also my body height is changing according to window or with resizing the window in that case also my body height should get divided into 5 equally also list name should align centre.

  • How can we make it dynamic?

    You can't do it with the list component

    You can use data layout instead, where it will work.
    ( actually the pure HTML template with flex based styling can work as well )
    Please beware that you will lost most functionality of list in such case ( selection, navigation, etc. )

    Also, the scroll and "size items to fit the screen" are mutually exclusive behaviors.

  • and I am having 5 list item then how can I distribute 700 px height into 5

    List can have one of next sizing strategies

    • fixed height per item
    • height of item is defined by item's content

    so, there is no way to have the necessary behavior with the list component.
    Something similar can be possible with dataview

  • Yes this can also be possible,Thanks @maksim

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