Hi Webix team,

In this snippet my flexlayout is not working.

Can you tell me the trick?How to use it?



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    Hi Webix team,

    In this snippet its working like this,
    Is there any solution for it?
    I have to write resize function on onShow event

  • Hi,

    Yep, such behavior doesn't look nice, we will check it out.

    But why do you need flexlayout here? Simple layout will do as well in such a use case.

  • Yeah,this is just example. This issue is coming in my all layout

  • Hi Webix team,

    In this snippet, If I am using flexlayout see how much of space its taking between 2 rows.

  • Hi Webix Team,

    in this snippet - https://snippet.webix.com/yxigpamf

    Click on Add view button and create more than 5 date fields and then resize. I am not able to see all date fields.

    Please reply me on this issue.

  • Hi webix team please reply me

  • Hi,

    I see the issue, there is no easy fix for it though.

    You are adding flexlayout widgets into the layout.
    While flexlayout uses CSS based sizing, the layout uses Webix based sizing.
    As result, the layout can't correctly calculate its size, as the size of flex layout units is defined by CSS, not by JS code.

    You can add a hack, which will disable the Webix sizing for layout and provide the correct UI.

        height:auto !important;


  • @maksim
    Thank you so much:)

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