Dynamically change data table column configuration

Hi, how can I dynamically change the configuration of each column in a data table with the eachColumn() method?

What I'm trying to accomplish is to have the table and columns be flexible by default when the table is build, adjusting on window resize, but then as soon as the user resizes a column, have the column widths become fixed at their current width, and the user can resize at will, expanding outside of, or less than, the width of the container, with a scrollbar appearing if necessary.

I'm trying this by setting fillspace: true when data table initially loads, but then onColumnResize() using eachColumn() to set fillspace: false and assign it a fixed width. How do I alter the configuration of each individual column inside the eachColumn() method? I expected "this" to refer to the column object, but it seems it still refers to the data table.




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