HTML template not taking script tag

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I am getting error when I use script tag within template for datatable column. Is there an alternative


  • Hello,

    Template declared as a string is not intended for adding <script> tags.
    As a feature, it is designed to set the rendering pattern only.

    However, if you need to use some custom methods in the template, the best way is to declare it as a function.

    Such function recives two parameters
    - obj each data item
    - common common elements declared in type.

    For datatable/treetable, ther are also three additional params:
    - value the value of the current cell
    - col the column config
    - ind the index of the current data item

    Note that such function still has to return a string with text/valid html.

    As another option, you can declare a custom methods in the component's type so that they will be available
    - in a string template as {common.feature_name()}
    - in function temlpate as common.feature_name(obj, common)

    Note that datatable/treetable have several built-in elements.

  • Thanks for the solution, my question got answered

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