Problem relative to scroll on mobile

I have just read other discussions but the problem persists.
I have a view:"list", layout:"x",scroll:"x" ...... but the scroll on mobile doesn't work. The scroll works only if the layout is "y".

Thanks in advance


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    @marcorampino, we have double checked the issue and it works smoothly from our side. Could you please specify the OS/browser in use?

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    I'm using Safari's browser.
    My iPhone:
    10.3.3 version

    This example:
    On tablet, the orizzontal list, don't scroll it

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    Yep, I can confirm the bug. Webix initializes touch scroll, which doesn't care for x-scrolls, unfortunately(

    Thank you for reporting the issue. We will fix it in the next update, while for not you can cheat by adding the webix.Touch.$active = false; line before ui initialization (not sure that it will not break anywhere else):

    Alternatively, you can switch to native scrollbars as: webix.env.touch = "native";

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