Resizing counter

How can I resize a counter to be larger in both height and width? I'm able to easily adjust the height but nothing I try changes the width at all. Example part of my code below that needs to be about 4 times larger in size + font. Thanks.

rows: [
                        view: "label",
                        label: "PERCENT OF MAX",
                        align: "center"
                        view: "counter",
                    id: "home_pct_max",
                    width: 200,
                                step: 1,
                                value: 90,
                                min: 1,
                    max: 100,
                        align: "center",


  • edited June 2018

    width sets the size of the whole control, i.e. the place that will be reserved for it on the page
    inputWidth set the width of the visible part of the control. To make an input fit for it, you can set it to a width of 50% in CSS.

    Please check the example:

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