In pivot grid when loading itself i want to display data for today date?

I have been trying to display data only for today date.I have a column named date ,so if that date is today then that date should be display while displaying of pivot table itself .I am not sure how to perform this filtration and where to use the $$("pivot").$$("data").filter(function(obj){} method whether in on:{} or in onBeforeRender{} of pivot grid. Below is the logic i have return for comparison of date.Can anyone pls help with this ?Thanks

 var date_format = webix.Date.strToDate("%d/%m/%Y");
 var myformat = webix.Date.dateToStr("%d/%m/%Y");
 var objdate=date_format(obj["str_'_Date"]);
  var today = myformat(new Date());
   var today = date_format(today);
if(!(objdate.valueOf() ==today.valueOf())){


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