Responsive Filemanager

For mobile the filemanager is not responsive enough.
The view with fixed width without scrollbar. Icon view and Tree hide.
What can I or you do?


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    The major widgets such as filemanager, spreadsheet, pivot and kanban are designed for desktops / tablets and will not fit on small screen devices such as phones.

  • Is there a posebility to make this responsive?

  • As to the adaptive behavior, you can hide barely any of File Manager inner views (including Tree) before initialization:

  • I want to display the mode files for the view.
    I found the mode and modes proterties. But I don't want to set it as default.
    I want to set it on a special innerWidth. Is there a other method to do this?

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    you can listen to window resize and change required elements

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    Very nice. But I want to switch the view from 'table' to 'files' mode.
    How can I do that?

    My code:

            mode: "files",
              "onViewInit": function(name, config){
                if (window.innerWidth<500) {
                  if (name == "modes"){
                    //hide modes button
                    config.hidden = true;
                  if (name === "bodyLayout"){ //&& window.innerWidth<500
                    //hide tree ad resizer
                    config.cols[1].hidden =1;
                    config.cols[2].hidden =1;
      var spacer = $$("files").$$("menuSpacer");
      var modes = $$("files").$$("modes");
      if (window.innerWidth<500) {
  • Nice. But 'mode: "files"' is default. I want it switch. How?

  • That's great! THX

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