Hello I want to filter numbers in a table by basans on this
It turns out that it works when I use the signs '<=' or '=>' but does not work when I use '=' or '>' or '<'.
How can I fix it help me please



  • edited July 2018

    Please check the snippet:
    The original solution has to be extended with the _greater, _lesser and _equal methods as well.
    Although they exist in the original filter (i.e. you can just copy them from the source code of numberFilter), all methods which start with _ are obfuscated in the production version of the script (webix.js) and can be called only from the debug version of the library, so please avoid using them.

  • Hello, Thank you again for your availability. I ran the tests based on the example of your answer, and everything works fine when I manually insert a data array into the data (data: []) option. However when I call a json file containing this array the filter works more for the signs:> and <.
    Thank you for helping me solve this problem.

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