Datatable editor opens at a wrong position when editing a row cell

There seems to be a regression issue which was possibly introduced in Webix 5.4. If you open the following snippet

you will see a datatable in a popup window. The datatable has some rows populated but there is an empty one at the bottom. If you double click on any cell of the empty row to edit it you will see that the editor opens below the selected row - instead of in the same row. Then the datatable is pretty much messed up and when you click on a row to edit it, it actually edits the previous one.

This issue doesn't seem to exist in Webix 5.3 and the previous version.



  • you have an undefined item it data.
    remove last comma in the data array.

  • edited July 2018

    Sorry mate that's not the issue

    There is a simplified example here

    When you double click the last empty row to edit it the editor opens below the row. I'm pretty sure it's a regression bug as in Webix 5.3 and below this works fine.

  • yes it looks like a bug.
    if there is a gap less than a row height after the last row then it leads to problem.

  • @Listopad @Helga
    Any chance this could get fixed in the next release(es)? Thanks

  • Hello,

    Yep, thank you for reporting.

    We have already fixed this regression in 5.4.2:

    The GPL version will be updated accordingly in the next major release.

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