Datatable blockselect selects also text in EDGE

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In the Microsoft Edge browser when I select a block of data (blockselect) the text in the single datatable cells is selected as well. This is happening in the current version of Webix - 5.4.

Apparently, this breaks the CTRL-V/CTRL-C functionality as when pressing CTRL-C it's the selected text that is copied into the clipboard and pasted into Excel which isn't the intended behaviour.

Open the following URL in Microsoft Edge:, select a block of multiple columns, copy the data and paste into Excel to see an example of the wrong behaviour.

This seems to be a regression bug as the described issue isn't happening in Webix 5.0 and below in Microsoft Edge.



  • @Listopad @Helga
    Any chance this could get fixed in the next release(es)? The fix should be easy an easy one. Thanks

  • Hello,

    Yep, I do confirm the issue. We will provide a fix in the next updates.

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