Webpack integration

Hi all,

I'm planning to use webpack on my project but I can't figure out how to handle webix the right way.

Basically, I just have to set webix as a plugin in the webpack configuration but as I looked into webix sources (webix.js) it isn't possible.

Is there a way to do it ?



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            resolve: {
                plugins: [
                extensions: [...],
                alias: {
                    /*if (jet is used) {*/
                    "jet-views": path.join(scriptsPath, "views"),
                    "jet-locales": path.join(scriptsPath, "locales"),
                    /*} */
                    webixMain: path.join(webixPath, isProduction ? "webix" : "webix_debug"),
                    webix: webixPath

    input file

    import "webixMain";
    import "webix/skins/flat.css";
  • Thank you @intregal I also found another solution which is to pass webix as an entry like:

    module.exports = {
        entry: {
            vendor: [
            app: ["./client/app.js"]
    // ...
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