Filtering issue in pivot table and "UNSELECTALL" not coming up in multicombo filter of pivot

filtering issue:
As you can see in the above script ,Screen should display only 'EOD' in marker column but it is displaying along with 'EOD-APAC' .This issue appears only in version webix 5.1

unselectAll Issue :
'Select All' is displayed instead of Unselect All the second time. As all options are already selected, drop down should show Unselect All.This issue is also occuring only in version webix 5.1

So the only possibility is to upgrade the version to webix 5.2 ? or is there any other way to overcome it?



  • Hello,

    Yep, we do not provide fixes for the old versions. If you are using Webix 5.1, please upgrade to some newer version where the issues are fixed.

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