TabIndex not work in htmlform view.

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I have a html form, and i use htmlform view to get form data, when click in tab key tabindex order NOT work correctly between inputs.

Some suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

<div id="contentlogin">
        <div id="formlogin">
            <div id="inputs">
                <form method="post" id="formlog">
                    <input asp-for="tenant.Name" class="inputlogin" placeholder="Tenant Name " tabindex="1" required />
                    <select asp-for="tenant.Language" class="selectTimeInfo" tabindex="2" asp-items="Model.tenant.Languages" required>
                        <option value="">Select Language</option>
                    </select><br />
                    <select asp-for="tenant.TimeZone" class="selectTimeInfo" tabindex="3" asp-items="Model.tenant.TimeZones" required>
                        <option value="">Select Time Zone</option>
                    </select><br />
                    <input asp-for="tenant.Password" type="password" class="inputlogin" placeholder="Password" tabindex="4" required />
                    <input id="repeatPassword" type="password" name="repeatPassword" class="inputlogin" placeholder="Confirm Password" tabindex="5" required />
                    <input asp-for="tenant.FirstName" class="inputlogin" placeholder="First Name" tabindex="6" required />
                    <input asp-for="tenant.Surname" class="inputlogin" placeholder="Surname" tabindex="7" required />
                    <input type="button" id="send" value="Registrarse" class="btnlogin" tabindex="8" />
                <div id="registerlnk">
                    <a href="login" id="toregister">login</a>

    view: "htmlform",
    id: "registerform",
    content: "contentlogin"


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    The issue was confirmed and fixed
    The related fix will be included in the next build.

  • Ok,


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