Spreadsheet: bug with save/data


I think there is a bug in the save/data object of the spreadsheet when you copy and paste.

webix.ui({view:"spreadsheet", save: {data:"server/data.php"} });

when you copy and paste data to a cell, two requests are sent: one with the old cell value (unexpected request), the other with the new one.

If a copy/paste is done on several cells, there will be two requests for each cell.

It is useless, expensive, and it is not the same behavior as a simple entry in a cell (only one request in this case).

Can you send one request please? As with manual entry.



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    According to the current logic styles and data are processed and saved separately. During copying, firstly the style is applied and saved, secondly data value is modified.

    Unfortunately, now there isn't any way to modify this behaviour. Actually, we are going to revise Spreadsheet save functionality, as it is quite outdated. Maybe in the next updates we will provide a more clear way to save data.

  • Ok, thank you Helga.

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