datatable on Ipad doen't show datas.

On all environment Window browser, MacBook browser google chrom safari works good. But on Ipad (I tested only for version 2018) no rows will be shown but the header. By clicking on header for sorting all rows appears. Or when turning the Ipad. I seems that the table needs a special trigger to show the rows. I used resizing, refresh, adjust but nothing works... :-(


  • It is possible that the component was rendered but it has zero height.

    If you are initializing in the HTML container - be sure that it has some non zero height assigned ( percent based heights and iframes can work differently on iOS devices, try to use styling with a fixed height )

    If you are creating UI on document.body, be sure to use webix.ui.fullscreen

  • Hello maksim.
    Thanks for your advise. But strangely I'll get mostly 2 or 4 rows to see but not more. And when I sort by clicking in the header column. All rows will be shown. But I'll try that out and let you know.

  • Hello maksim.

    I have set webix.ui.fullscreen before creating ui. And always I load my data over $$(datatabel).load( with webix.proxy in all browsers everything works great except with browser chrome, firefox or safary on ipad! Could you please can provide me a datatable with datatabel.load( which I can check on ipad?

    I can't resolve my problem. So I please you to help me.

    Thank you

  • edited September 2018

    I could find the problem.

    I used this:

    return webix.ajax("/data/index/json").then(function(data){
    return data.json();

    this must be on 500 ms then the system got time enough to render the table correctly. This is a work around, not a solution. Cause 1/2 sec. is to much. Do you have a better solution?

    The height of the container doesn't matter.


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