Dataview with xcount, type-width auto, margin

I was setting up a dataview with xcount 2, type width "auto" and some css and all worked well. But than the cells have been too close together and I added in css a margin. But now with the margin the xcount / width:auto does not work correct, as every margin above 0 is now causing the last cell to be dropped into the next line. My guess would be that in width:auto and xcount the margin is not included in calculcations for the cell width and therefore that overflow into the next line ? Or anything I should change ? Snippet at - with CSS margin 0 all looks good, with margin 1 or greater it is "broken". Any good thought to work around this. as the xcount + width:auto + margin 5 or so would be the wanted solution ?
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    Yep, during auto sizing the logic knows nothing about custom style sheets.

    As a solution, you can wrap item data into another div element and provide padding for the parent (item) container:

  • ..thanks Helga, ok, that way works fine, great!

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