Dataview: Drag: "Order" Issue

..I now enabled in a dataview "drag: 'order'", but it seems to work a bit strange. Like in only moves in the left-most column are possible, nothing can be moved from left to right and everything touched on right side automatically moves to left. Did I miss something I need to set maybe ?
Thanks a lot,


  • maybe it is a bug, but try drag:true instead.

  • ..yes, thanks intregal, drag:true works better, just allows to much dragging, I actually wanted only reorder with drag:"order", but until it is fixed with "order" it is maybe a workaround...thanks for the help....

  • Yep, it is kind of missed feature, drag:order works for datatable and list, but doesn't work for the dataview.

    We will check how it can be improved in the next build ( there is no easy fix unfortunately )

  • ...thanks Maksim, yes I can imagine, fine for me with "true" for now....

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