Is Webix still using the Promiz library? mentions Webix uses Promiz.js. Is that still the case, given that all browsers but IE and Opera mini support promises natively?

Also, Promiz hasn't been maintained since 2015. There's a much more actively maintained promise-polyfill library for backward compatibility.



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    Yep, Webix still uses Promiz as we maintain IE8+ support, and the library meets our requirements well. We will consider the update in this field, but now it is doesn't have a high priority.

  • In this doc page, it's shown how to use the .fail method of Promiz. This is not standard when using native Promises and may confuse developers who use .catch.

  • It is possible tol use both .fail and .catch with Webix Ajax operations:

    We will update the related documentation.

  • I've run into another issue with Promiz - it doesn't support finally().

    Please, try to use the native browser support for Promises. Supporting a few IE8 users hurts everyone else.

    Promiz has not been maintained for years, and the developer himself advised me to use ES6 Promises.

    I do understand that some corporate customers might be stuck with IE8, but there is a simple and good way to deal with that - supply a polyfill only if native Promises are not supported.

  • We will update the code to be fully compatible with native Promise API in the next update.

  • Is native Promise support scheduled for Webix v7?

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