Grid and input field disappears. First column appears after some scroll.

edited August 2018 in Technical questions

Pivot table gets rendered fine. After selection of fields in configuration with drag and drop and apply.. Filter input field and grid disappears.

I am using angular 6.


@ViewChild("webixpivot") webixpivot: ElementRef;

 this.ui = <webix.ui.pivot>webix.ui({
        container: this.webixpivot.nativeElement,
        width: 'auto',
        height: 800,
        view: 'pivot',
        data: [],
        structure: {
            rows: ['MFG PART ID'],
            columns: ['MFG NAME'],
            values: [
                { name: 'Alternative 1', operation: 'sum' }
            filters: [
                { name: 'MFG PART ID', type: "text" }



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