Menu with Sub-menu in XML

Hi, there,

Trying to build a sidebar menu with sub-menu (nested level) by passing the config in XML, instead of JSON.
With the same config in XML I'm getting an inconsistent behavior:
- menu and contextmenu works
- sidebar menu displays 1st level only.

Sample XML config for menu, contextmenu:

    <item id="11" value=" Select User"  >
        <submenu stack="1">
            <item id="17" value="Alex Clark"  />
            <item id="25" value="Demo User 1"  />
            <item id="13" value="John Lawson"  />
            <item id="12" value="Leslie Fischer"  />

Btw, for menu and contextmenu the similar question was clarified back in 2014:



  • Hello @vagon333 !

    Please check the sample:

    To init Webix components from XML, you should work with webix.markup class that offers a pattern for markup processing.
    You can use parse() method (initializes the component in Webix layout)

  • Thanks for clarification.
    I noticed that for the following controls:
    - ui.contextmenu
    - ui.sidemenu (non-standard)
    - ui.submenu

    Only ui.sidemenu does not accept "submenu" tag.
    Is there a specific reason for this difference in data format requirements?

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