Datatable Footer with calculated values


I need the footer showing the right values... Is there a way?



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    also you can implement own footer calculation algorithm.

    e.g. balance calculation

    webix.ui.datafilter.balanceColumn = webix.extend({
        refresh: function(master, node, value) {
            var result = 0, _val;
            var prefix = value.columnId.substr(0, value.columnId.length - 7);
                if (!obj || obj.$group || obj.$footer) return;
                _val = (obj[prefix + "Debit"] || 0) * 1 - (obj[prefix + "Credit"] || 0) * 1;
                if (isFinite(_val)) result += _val;
            if (value.format)
                result = value.format(result);
            if (value.template)
                result = value.template({ value: result });
   = "right";
            node.firstChild.innerHTML = result;
    }, webix.ui.datafilter.summColumn);
  • Hello!
    And thanks for your message.
    I have a unfortunately more complicated sample
    and it is the combination with this discussion

    Here is what I would need:

    The footer should show the right value.

    Thanks again!

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