Please urgent help on ipad scrolling

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My web application have a strange behaviour on ipad, the main layout DIV scrolls when I want to scroll datatables, etc...
I put this in index.html

 meta name="viewport" content="user-scalable=no, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, minimum-scale=1, width=device-width"

and tried this:

     webix.ready(function () {

but the main div layout always scrolls while scrolling datatable or list

it seems that touching webix view is transparent to the browser Safari or Chrome

Bug in traslating native ontouchmove?

how may I fix this?


  • I have to admit I was enthusiastic about webix but after more than a year of daily use I have to change my mind, it seemed flexible but it is rigid and unwieldy and it is not reliable if you have a website you want to use on a mobile device, especially on apple devices

  • however it is a bug in translating native ontouchmove on ipad, I lost a lot of time looking for it

  • There few example with touch

  • @pier77 do you have any workaround? Passive listener do not prevent event propagation and tapping on button fires multiple times

  • Please create a snippet to replay the bug.

  • I seen,
    The touch sample does not work on Safary.

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