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How to insert MANUALLY a folder with its files into the existing datas.
I want to refresh a Folder manually.*



  • Even with a define ("data") , File manager is not updating...

  • What is my problem.
    I want to upload a folder with its files, but file manager is showing

    Why not creating Folder MyFolder, and putting MyFile in this folder ?

    Actually, i am trying to refresh visually this , but can't do any update !

  • Hello!

    Unfortunately, there is no way to solve it.

    The point is that server-side gets directory name, but ignores it - this problem is possible to change. The server-side code we have as an example, so you can replace it. As to the client-side: client code doesn't respond to this problem, so, accordingly, it doesn't create new directories. We will consider the improvements of this behavior for future releases.

  • I have done it :-)

    Is there an event which is raised when all files are uploaded ?


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    Webix Uploader, that is used for file uploading, fires either onFileUpload or onFileUploadError event.

    var uploader = fileManager.getUploader();
    uploader.attachEvent("onFileUpload",function(data, response){
        // uploading finished
        // error response
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    onFileUpload and onFileUploadError are not in manual.
    Is this missing ?

  • edited September 2018

    Could you please clarify about "onFileUpload and onFileUploadError are not in manual" ?
    Such events you can find in ui.uploader . And, to make it work in filemanager, we just get the uploader via
    var uploader = $$('filemanager').getUploader();
    Please check the example:

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