check box checked state issue

I used below code but still i am unable to save the checkbox state when expand and collapse accordion item. Please help

var dynamicHeader = " Include ";
let id= 'accordionitemid';
// global layout events
onClick: {
onAfterExpand: function (id) {
if (id == "accordionitemid") {
$$(id).$view.querySelector(".header-chkbx").checked = isChecked
onAfterCollapse: function (id) {
if (id == "accordionitemid") {
$$(id).$view.querySelector(".header-chkbx").checked = isChecked


                var config = {

                    rows: [{
                        view: "accordionitem",
                        id: 'accordionitemid',

                        header: 'Registration' + dynamicHeader,

                        onClick: {

                            "header-chkbx": function (event, accordionId, elem) {

                                isChecked = elem.checked

                                    webix.message("checkbox clicked");
                                return false;

                        body: registrationUI,


                var view = webix.ui(config);


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    Please check the sample:
    In the sample you can see that I wrap the view and events into webix.ui , it helps the widget "to work" correctly. Also you need to declare the variable as
    var isChecked = 0;

  • yes i also added var isChecked = 0; still its not saving the checkbox state as checked when the accordion is expanded or collapsed.

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