Extending editor looses autofocus

After i extend an editor to make slight custom changes, i loose autofocus in that column in a datagrid. Is this intended functionality and how can i get past this?
I even tried to make new editor and not extend original, no luck.

This even happens if i only have blank extension like :

webix.editors.gridNumbers = webix.extend({

}, webix.editors.text);

What could cause this?

Best Regards.


  • edited September 2018

    Nothing seems to be wrong.
    Can you create a snippet with your implementation?

  • Apparently i am not even asking the right question.
    The problem is, i have a datatable with columns.
    The columns with the "editor: text" work fine, but the one that i set to my custom editor, doesnt function as normal. I thought it was autofocus related issue, but digging deeper, it seems to be something to do with editNext().

    The problem is, custom editor doesnt open next row in a column for editing.
    Original text editor does.

    It might be something to do with my datatable confit, so i will troubleshoot more.
    Was just hoping it would ring a bell for someone who could help me.

  • Hello @Valzebnik ,

    Could you please send a snippet of your implementation? We need to see the code of your custom editor which helps us to find a problem

  • Sorry to bother you. It was a previosuly written configuration in the common file and thats why it didnt work. I was very sure it was a similar feature to autofocus or such and i thought that it was a feature of Webix datatables. Probably why i had problems repicating the problem in the snippet editor.

    Should i lock or delete the thread if its even possible?

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