Attach a subview to the child of tree view


Is it possible to link a subview to a child of a treetable?
If yes, an example of it will be appreciated.

I tried to add a subview to a treetable, but the subview shows up as the first child. I want to expand a child of treeview, and then show a subview in it.
Is this possible?

Attached is the link to the snippet.


  • The snippet you have shared works perfectly here, but when I try to integrate with my code with Webix version 3.4.0, it throws an error saying,

    Uncaught TypeError: common.subrow is not a function
    here, the common object is
    checkbox: ƒ (t,e,i,s),
    editIcon: ƒ (),
    folder: ƒ (t),
    icon: ƒ (t),
    radio: ƒ (t,e,i,s),
    space: ƒ (t),
    sparklines: ƒ (),
    trashIcon: ƒ (),
    treecheckbox: ƒ (t),
    treetable: ƒ anonymous(obj,common )

  • are you sure? in your first snippet it is working.

  • Ya. It's working in version 3.4.5. I have upgraded to that.
    Sorry for the bothering.

  • Hi,
    I want to have a dynamic server-side loading with a custom implementation of onDataRequest.
    But, the onDataRequest event callback, is called on branch open, but not on the initial load of data of the tree table.

    Is there a way to dynamically load the data along with a custom implementation of the request structure on the top level instead of the branch level?

  • Can there be dynamic loading with custom serverside implementation in the parent level? and also dynamic loading with custom serverside implementation in the branch level?

  • Can anyone help me out on this?
    I couldn't find examples of my requirements.

  • edited October 2018


    In Webix Treetable you can dynamically load linear first-level data on scroll/paging and dynamically load the branches. Here's the sample that demonstrates this functionality.

    On both first and branch level you can modify the onDataRequest event (like here).

    But, unfortunately, all branch items will be loaded at once (except their subfolders, of course) and there's no possibility to load them in portions, like in the top level.

  • Thanks Helga.
    I understand that there is no branch level dynamic loading provided.
    But to implement a custom url dynamic loading in the parent level, the onDataRequest event callback is not called.
    Instead, the onDataRequest event callback is called only on an opening of the branch.
    In the example provided here,
    It's only the branches that are loaded dynamically, and the onDataRequest event callback is called only on branch open.

  • Can anyone help me out on this?

  • With UI Tree dynamic loading in the top level is not possible.
    Such functionality works only for Treetable:

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