Tree structure issue on IE

Hi Webix team,

  1. Open this snippet on IE
  2. open tree
  3. sometimes tree icons gets disturb

how to solve it?
Please give me generic solution because I am having more than 1 tree.



  • Hello @Meera ,

    We checked the issue on IE and everything works as well.
    Could you please clarify:

    • version of Webix
    • version of IE

    Also, maybe you use additional css or, possibly, you redefined the icons? The point is that it's can be the conflict with custom styles.

  • @Nastja Please check this snippet -

    The issue is on all browsers.

  • edited September 2018

    I can confirm the issue. Thank you for reporting. We will fix it. For now, as a temporary solution, it needs to remove scroll property. By default, scroll (horizontal and vertical) will appear automatically in the tree.
    If you need the fix ASAP and have a support subscription, please contact

  • @Nastja thank you.

    We will contact to support team

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