Не работает fillspace в datatable

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Собственно, вот: https://snippet.webix.com/wr2l98zf


  • Спасибо!
    Как бы запомнить, что autowidth - это ширина по содержимому, а не по ширине контейнера...

  • Guys, just a kind reminder that there are Webix developers who don't speak Russian, and it would be nice to use English so that everyone can understand and learn. Thanks!

  • SveSve
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  • @Sve: By telling me to "use magic", you're telling everyone who doesn't understand Russian (which is most of the world) to spend time using Google Translate. Most people won't make that effort.

    What if you used the magic of Google Translate once and posted in English? Then everyone who understands English (which is most of the world) could read your posts directly, and would be able to help.

  • SveSve
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    @dandv: Wow, wow, take it easy! I won’t be surprised if English is your native language. But following your logic, why aren’t we writing in Chinese right now, because it is precisely what most people in the world speak? Maybe it’s not a matter of what language the majority speaks, but of the fact that English is convenient for you personally? What kind of American habits?
    My personal opinion is that if technical support is in different languages, then this is a big plus, it is not always possible to correctly formulate a question through goole translate (and the loosely asked question already contains half the answer) and let's respect another opinion.
    Thank you.

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    My native language is Romanian, so your "American habits" argument falls flat.

    Chinese is not the most spoken language on this forum; English is. English is also the world's de-facto universal language.

    I wrote at length about this topic at https://wiki.dandascalescu.com/essays/english-universal-language

    Using English is simply to everyone's best benefit:

    • anyone can understand your question and offer you an answer, not just Russian speakers
    • all future readers will also be able to learn from the discussion, not just Russian speakers
    • non-Russian speakers don't feel excluded (I personally do feel excluded when some conversation in a group I'm part of, and which is relevant to the whole group, is carried out between 2 or more less polite folks in a language that not everyone in the group understands.)
  • Hello, @dandv.
    Do I understand correctly that when projecting your paradigm of thinking on real life, in a country where most people speak English, several people who speak another language and speak it among themselves behave indecently?
    Can you tell me, is it generally legal in Russia or Belarus to speak Russian, because there are so many English-speaking people around?

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