scroll down mouse bug filemanager

Hi, I´m having trouble trying to figure how to resolve this bug. I can't show my code cause of company politics, but it is the same issue as on this page -
If you click on an item it selects it and works ok, if you scroll the mousewheel up, it keeps working fine too, but, if you scroll down the mousewheel the "selector" kinda goes up and if you click on an item on your dataview, it selects one 3 rows above or it just stop selecting items at all.
Do you have any idea why? Or what could I do to resolve this issue?


  • Hi @Didier,

    As far as I can see, the isolated code of FileManager (I have also tested your version without CodePen exitedLoop and shouldStopExecution methods) works fine.

    The most possible reason is a third-party script that handles mouse events and interrupts click processing in FileManager - Webix can't locate the cell where the click appeared.
    In this demo, unfortunately, I'm not sure which of them can cause this behaviour, so I would ask you to test a standalone FileManager demo on your environment.

    Also, as I see the minified sources, could you please clarify were there any modifications of the FileManager?

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