File manager Rename id sent is incorrect

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I'm currently trialing the file manager and encountered an issue.

If create a file manager with the below structure (would be nice if I could help explain this with some images)

User Data (ID = '0')
|-> New Folder (ID = '1')
|-> New Folder (ID = '2')

When I click on each of the folders the url fragment shows the below
User Data -> '#!/0'
New Folder -> '#!/1'
New Folder -> '#!/2'

So far so good, if I rename 'New Folder' with Id '1' to say 'New Name' the server sends back a response of {id: 1, value: 'New Name'} (the id stays the same). The below url fragments now show for each of my folders
User Data -> '#!/0'
New Name -> '#!/1'
New Folder -> '#!/1/New%20Folder' <-- This is incorrect, should be '#!/2'

If I then try to rename 'New Folder' to something the id sent to the server is '1/New%20Folder' instead of '2'

If I send an empty object response '{}' the above works. But then if the user renames a folder which uses an invalid name (i.e. a duplicate folder name or it contains invalid chars) and I want to send back a response to use the original name the same issue will occur.

It would be nice to do the name validation on the client side, I presume there is a way to do this but haven't looked into it yet?

I did find a similar issue back in 2016 'Bug: Filemanager RENAME' and said it was fixed?

I have 'noFileCache' set to false and I am using dynamic loading (it would be nicer if the variable was just 'FileCache : True/False' rather than 'noFileCache: True/False')



  • My attempt at pixel art hasn't shown the tree hierarchy very well. User Data is the root folder, New Folder with ID=1 is inside 'User Data' and then New Folder with ID = 2 is inside 'New Folder' with ID = 1.

  • I think its also easier to not use the name of the file/folder as part of the id, otherwise anytime you do a rename you have to iterate through and update the ids of everything.

  • Sorry just another question, is it possible to not show the url fragments?

  • I just discovered that this happens only after expanding 'New Folder' with id=1 in the tree view on left hand side.

    Initially after a load the root folder ('User Data') is open and only shows 'New Folder' with id=1, if you rename at this point it works correctly but if you expand 'New Folder' with id=1 in the tree view on left hand side then do a rename you encounter this issue, I have also seen it where after renaming you end up with two child folders named 'New Folder' under it, one has the correct id of '2' and the other has the incorrect id of 1/New%20Folder.

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