Elastic bouncing on IPAD browser (any) again?

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Is there any developer who have resolved the annoying bouncing effect on ios devices (any browser)? Why webix is so buggy on mobile? Bouncing and passive listener which do not prevent event propagation!!! Tapping fires multiple times!!

Any workaround, please. Thanks

Webix demos do not work either on Ipad


  • Hello,

    The possible reason is specific fast-click logic for iOS, but so far we haven’t detected any issue with it.
    If the problem is caused by this logic, it can be disabled with the following statement ( this statement is available from Webix 5.4.1 ).
    Please, try to add this line before the UI init:

    webix.Touch.config.fastClick = false;

    Webix demos do not work either on Ipad

    We checked the demos and it works as well. Could you describe the problem in detail?

  • Wrong answer. In these years I spent a lot to develop webix and apps for cordova with webix and now I have to start from scratch with another framework everything I've done because on IOS suddenly nothing works anymore. I bought the pro version 5.2.1 and now I have to wait for the LGPL to be able to at least recover some of my work for the IOS environment. Greetings

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