Methodology for working with a designer

Guys, I created a sample app using your controls as a POC. Now it's approved by my manager and I have a graphical designer that needs to "beautify" my POC. What's the best way to work with him in terms of methodology ? Usually he draws his screens in some design tool (like Phostoshop or Dreamweaver). What's an productive way to transport his layouts to Webix ?



  • I don't see any need to use a special process here.
    The designer can produce the result screens in any software, after which the css of webix need to be altered.

    There are two ways for alteration

    In any case, please beware that while it is safe to alter colors and fonts, changing padding and margins for layout elements can break sizing. ( it is expected that sizing is defined as part of JS configuration, not through CSS )

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