collapsed sidebar: Popupmenu dont show long texts

Hello Webix - Team,

I have sidebar - items configured like this:

var menu_data = [
    {id: "dashboard", icon: "dashboard", value: "Dashboards",  data:[
        { id: "dashboard1", value: "Dashboard 1", data: [
                   { id: "dashboard3", value: "Hierachiestufennummer 3", data: [
                       { id: "dashboard4", value: "Hierachiestufennummer 4"}

Now, when i have a collapsed sidebar and hover over my item "Hierachiestufennummer 3" (the text) wont show, because the text is too long.

Is there a possibility to configure the menu - items, which will shown on hover,
in a sidebar.

Your sincerely,


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