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Hi, webix team

  1. about fomat
    How to set fomat for multi-cell or entire column?
    I have found the related discussion about setFomat.
    Is this issue have new solution?

  2. progressBar cannot be hidden
    I use "webix.extend($$("spreadsheet"), webix.ProgressBar);", then I click the import from excel on toolbar. The progressBar will show permanently. How to resolve it?

  3. Multi-cell selection
    Can spreadsheet use ctrl-click and shift-click to select multiple cells? Like this datatable sample(multiselect:true). https://snippet.webix.com/d95757be

  4. show/hide toolbar
    How to implement the show/hide toolbar with menu button(show-toolbar)?
    If I the toolbar is shown, the toolbar will be hiden. If I the toolbar is hiden, the toolbar will be shown.

Looking for your reply, thanks!


  • Please reply me, thanks!

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    Hi @Karena

    1) This functionality was fixed and now you can set number formats in data and via spreadsheet.setFormat() function .

    2) You can attach onBeforeLoad and onAfterLoad events of the spreadsheet's datatable and use showProgress() and hideProgress() functions: https://snippet.webix.com/biy58jjd

    3) In spreadsheet shift-click feature was already implemented, but it has a little bit another sense - when you make a selection with a shift, so the group of cells are selected. We have in plans to implement ctrl-click feature, but so far I can’t provide a precise time estimate.

    4) You can get toolbar object with help of $$("ssheet").queryView({view:"toolbar"}) and use hide() and show() functions.
    Please, check this snippet: https://snippet.webix.com/9v0rgda8

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