spreadsheet setFormat invalid with webix 6

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Hello! webix team,
I find the setFormat method of Spreadsheet is invalid with webix version 6, but previous version is valid and it can work with menu. Is this bug?



  • Hello @Karena !

    Yeap, it's a bug. We will fix it. Thank you for the report!

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    Hello, webix team!
    I have another problem about spreadsheet.
    I set the percent format with webix version 5.4.0. It can work.

    $$("ssheet").setFormat(3, 6, "[<0]-0.00%;[>=0]0.00%");
    $$("ssheet").setFormat(3, 6, "[<0]-0%;[>=0]0%");

    When I export to excel then import the excel to spreadsheet, the percent format would not be imported.
    I also use the $$("ssheet").serialize() to save json text to my database, it cannot load this rule ("[<0]-0.00%;[>=0]0.00%"), but another rule ("[<0]-0%;[>=0]0%") can.

    How can I fix it? Will the new webix version be updated soon?


  • Hi @Karena

    Exporting of number formats to excel is not supported.

    There was a bug with loading and saving number formats in Webix 5.4, in Webix 6.0 it was fixed.

    As for "[<0]-0%;[>=0]0%" format, there are some predefined formats for currency, number and percent, they are stored in styles (percent, int, price).

  • Hi @Karena

    I can recommend you to upgrade Webix to version 6.1, the setFormat bug has been fixed.

  • @Dima_S I've checked the snippet. But setFormat method still didn't work.

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    Hi @Karena

    Please clear the cache and check the snippet again, on my side it works fine. If it still doesn't work, could you please clarify what exactly goes wrong?

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    @Dima_S Thank you for your help! After I clear the cache, it works. ^_^

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    Hello @Dima_S
    I tried the format of spreadsheet with webix6.1 which is downloaded by webix client.
    When I set two "Decimal places" of the number format, the decimal point will be comma. (Like this "[<0]-0,##%;[>=0]0,##%")
    For example, I use the percent format for 0.1118 and the data will be 11,18%.
    If I change the comma to decimal point, the value will be 011.%.
    I also tried the format with snippet, it doesn't have any problem.
    Does version 6.1 of library in webix client have problem?

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    Hi @Karena

    You should pay attention, that from webix 6.1 group and decimal delimiters are taken from the locale, so if in your locale "." is not a group or decimal delimiter it will be added as text.

  • @Dima_S I appreciate you kind reply to my question. The problem has been solved.

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