Multiple bugs when trying to use Multicombo as ActiveContent in a DataTable

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I'm using Webix Pro, and since it's apparently impossible to set multicombo as an editor in a datatable, I used ActiveContent for that -

However, trying to use the tag editor for multiple tags in more than one (relatively narrow) cell, is broken. I've documented 5+ bugs in the snippet, and I'll reproduce them here:

  1. Click in any Genre cell and start typing, e.g. "act...".

    • Notice how only one character is visible ,
    • The CheckSuggest list isn't filtered,
    • Esc doesn't close the CheckSuggest popup.
    • Backspace won't delete the existing tag ("drama"). This should be possible, as it is in this sample
  2. Click in the Genres for "Shakespeaer in Love" and add two more genres.

    • Notice how the suggest popup jumps down.
    • Click outside of the popup and notice how there's no way to tell that the cell has more tags than are visible. StackOverflow handles this situation correctly by scrolling to the left the list of tags, so that the last entered tag is always visible, no matter how many tags have been entered. Presumably this is because the tag input area only grows vertically, and in a table cell, there's no room to grow.

Screencast Multicombo bug

Am I missing something? I've tried to adjustRowHeight onChange, but that results in a "Script error".

As a workaround, how can I set the width of the tags column to the maximum width remaining in the table, similar to fillspace: true? autowidth: true resulted in a size of about 20px.

Would it be possible to fix these bugs so that Multicombo works properly in tables? I think the key is to enable tags to be scrolled within one line, instead of growing the input vertically.


  • I've tried to set the width of the multicombo in the click handler, and that worked. But it didn't work if I try to set it at once for all multicombos in the column.

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    ActiveContent is designed for displaying really simple Webix controls, so we do not recommend to over-use it by inserting such complex controls as Multicombo.

    For handling data together with visualizing it in several widgets we recommend the DataLayout.

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