Uploader link with localId

I have an uploader with a link property to a list. With the global id property I see webix messages saying "Non unique view id: mylist".

With localId: "mylist" the uploaded file doesn't show up.




  • Hello,

    Uploader and a dependent widget (list, template) are connected via a global ID, while local IDs makes sence only for locating views in Jet environment.

    Could you please provide a snippet or describe the situation when several widgets with the same IDs are needed?

    As a side note, you can conect both components with localId by defining the link property after views are created: https://snippet.webix.com/ksn3i5k9

  • edited December 6

    Thanks for the working work around.

    The code to trigger the error about multiple Ids is the above snippet with the working code uncommented. https://snippet.webix.com/iwp2tuzx

    It happens when I navigate to another page and then back in a Webix Jet application.

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