combo-editor stays while scrolling in datatable

  1. open editor in "released"-column
  2. scroll in datatable

As opposed to other editors (for example text) the combo editor will stay



  • Hello @Jendrik ,

    I can confirm the issue. We will fix it. Thank you for the report!
    For now, as a workaround, is possible to use onAfterScroll event to close the editor when the scroll is enabled.



  • Hello!
    Good news! We fixed the bug.
    It's available for PRO users already.
    The fix will be included in the next 6.2 version.

  • @Nastja
    Original bug is fixed but there is a similar problem if prerender is enabled

  • Hi,

    Yep, a fully rendered datatable works with a slightly different logic - it paints all cells at once and keeps them in DOM while scrolling, so there must be a check for this situation as well.

    We will add it in the next release. If you have support subscription and need the fix ASAP, please contact

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