webix jet override View behaviour

In one view we want to change/extend the behaviour of some methods. How can we create a subclass of the original view and make sure the subclassed View is loaded and not the original?

(business problem, a customer wants to change the behaviour of some view, we want to support this without changing the base-code)



  • do you want to inherit existing view or only change the behavior of existing one?

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    the goal is to change/extend the behavior. For example, if field x is set to value A, field y is required else not, so it could be on field level but also on the complete view. In general attach on other events or attach the same event, call the base event and pre-post do something else..

  • jet view is javascript class.
    and oop polymorphism / inheritance related to jet view too.
    would be better if you can share a snippet.

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