getItem row on dynamically loaded datatable

I'm having issues programmatically getting row data that are beyond the currently visible rows. I'm getting an undefined error.

It makes sense why this is the case. If I know the row ID, is there any method to achieve this?



  • In the case of datatable, it can occur if the related record is not loaded yet.
    DataTable widget doesn't hold info about all possible IDs, so it process the ID of not loaded yet row as a wrong ID

    If you are working with medium datasets ( let say few thousands of items ) you can load all data at once. The client-side component will render only visible records anyway, so performance will be good, and at the same time, you will be able to access data of all rows.

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    Ok, you've convinced me. The performance for loading at once is pretty good.

    However, now I've got a problem with my date column and sorting. I looked around and seems I need to map the date property. This works, but there are rows where the date value is empty and returned as null. In the datatable they are displayed as NaN/NaN/NaN.

    They are standard database YYYY-mm-dd format and I need it displayed as mm/dd/YYYY.


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