Migration 5.3.4 to 6.1.1 lost icon of richselect and combo

I kept my custom css "compact" with version 5.3.4 and I use it in 6.1.1.
The icon of combo and richselect had disappear, how to have icon of combo with css file of 5.3.4 ?



  • I have checked , I have all my font awesome icons visible but just combobox icon disappear in my application :(

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    Yes, it's a strange problem. Could you please share a link to a working demo or, if not possible, send us the source code to support@webix.com.

  • So, the problem is introduction of "wxi" icons in version 6.
    I have my 5.4.3 custom CSS with font awesome (fontawesome-webfont.eot)
    If I want to have new icons of object and keep the old icons , I must add to my custom CSS : webixfa-webfont.eot with all definitions (.wxi-menu-down:before {
    content: "\F027";
    Is it possible to have different fontawesome in same CSS file ?
    The problem is the definition of vectors. If I add two webfont.eot in same file , the definition of vectors had the same code with "wxi" and "fa" icons so it is in conflict because I think that the reference is the first file reference.

    For exemple if I want the good icon for combobox in version 6 , I must redefine : .wxi-menu-down:before {
    content: "\F107";
    The F107 code is the good icons with fontawesome-webfont.eot.

    I must redefine all "wxi" icons or it is possible to merge "eot" files ?


  • There shouldn't be any problem with glyph names (vectors) are they are read from different font families. For Webix custom font based on Font Awesome the font-family is "Webix Awesome Icons".

    Please check the following sample: https://docs.webix.com/samples/16_skins/06_icons_cheatsheet.html

    It uses the same-name icons with equal glyph names, but due to separate font families - "Webix Awesome Icons" and "Webix Material Icons" they can co-exist within the same page.

  • Yes in the same version it is ok , but not between two major version of webix, in my css version 5 : I used fontawesome-webconf.eot and in version 6 it is webixfa-webconf.eot.

    For exemple in the svg files , for code "F008" it is CALENDAR for fontawesome-webconf.svg and FILM for webixfa-webconf.svg. I don't think it is possible to use two different files in a same CSS file with my old font awesome and the new fontawesome ?

  • in my css version 5

    Custom icons were introduced in 6.0, so prior to it the icons should work normally. With versions 6.0, please use different "font-family" names to distinguish between icons with the same glyphs (as shown in the same above).

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    Hello , If I wan't to use "wxi-icons" and all fontawesome together , I read your link :https://blog.webix.com/webix-6-0-and-icons-painless-transition/, the problem in this solution is that point 2 doesn't work for me (Find all icons in your code and add fas fa- to their names (or far fa- and any other available prefix).
    If I use firebug I can see that result is : class="webix_icon icon fa-fas fa-bell" generating by webix instead of : class="webix_icon icon fas fa-bell", so a "fa-" is had by webix. Is it normal ?


  • Hi @romain,
    It's should work correctly. Could you please send a code snippet?

  • It is ok now for me ;) I had a problem with declaration of my menus , thanks

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