How to disable cells which are expanded due to tree table structure ?

Hi ,

I have a treetable structure with last column as 'Remarks' , I want only the first cell of each entry/row for the Remarks column should be edited and rest should be disabled.

When the tree node of 'info' column is expanded , it also expands the 'Remarks' column. I want only one Remark per No. or Name column to be entered.

How can I ensure that ?

Snippet :



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    You can block editing for the "Remarks" column based on a tree node level:

          if(id.column =="id3" && this.getItem(id).$level >1){
            return false;

    where item.$level property stores the hierarchy level, while returning false in before- handlers prevents from the subsequent operations (editing in particular).

    Here's the snippet:

  • Hi Helga,

    I am sorry, I did not think it necessary to mention that I already have onBeforeEditStart function where I am checking some users permission whether he has authorization to edit that cell or not and returning true/false accordingly.

    Is there a way to handle this extra true/false to disable cells based on $level ?


  • Thanks Helga, I could implement it.

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