Combo + gridsuggest, not retaining value in combo field.

I have basic form with a combo element, which has gridsuggest as options.
Gridsuggest view returns data with datafeed using url and input text as search params and i can select the item that i want and it shows up in the combo field.
I can save these values to DB and all is fine. When i open the form from a grid, all the views (elements) are filled, except the one with gridsuggest options.

What am i missing? Why cant i display value in combo field?

1) The combo id is not used anywhere else in the same form.
2) The combo view element has value stored in viewId.config.value
3) If i disable options, the value is displayed in the field as normal.
4) Tried setting the value in form onAfterLoad event, but didnt do anything, as the element does have the value, just not showing it.

What can i do to solve this problem / do a workaround.

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  • So apparently getting data on form load from url and parsing into the element list fixes this problem. Is there any other way or is this how it is supposed to be handled?

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