Text suggestion depends upon the history

Hello webix team,
I had tried text suggestion depends upon the history but after refresh it dosen't work?


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    Here's your simplified snippet: https://snippet.webix.com/389lnn9s

    but after refresh it dosen't work

    Could you please clarify the desired behaviour? And do you mean page or widget refreshing?

  • Thanks,but i want the suggestion list even after page refresh

  • I am trying to solve this issue by loaclstorage, on blur of text box value is added to the localstorage and onRender of text box i got the localstorage value for the suggestion,It works but after clearing the history of browser localstorage get blank

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    Try using webix.storage.local interface to store suggest data in window.localStorage object: https://snippet.webix.com/8kfebiab.

    In this way you can put list items to the storage and restore them on control's first rendering.

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