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The new comment widget looks great, but it only provides an example of live updates with Faye, which is going to be deprecated. The example with faye ( has you creating a webix.proxy obj.

Is there a way to do this with pure websockets or using the webix proxy? I know I can establish my own connection, but it would be nice to use it how the examples shows.


  • I was going to ask the same thing - since Faye is deprecated, what is the guidance for realtime data? For example, how would one implement GraphQL realtime subscriptions for a Datatable?

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    Hi both,

    For now we do not have ready-made examples except the mentioned Faye proxy, but it already shows you an idea. You can look up Faye proxy code in Webix sources and the example with Faye:

    So you can write a custom proxy for loading and saving with pure websockets or, just note that during loading it should work with the inner list, not the widget itself (view.queryView("list");).

    url:customProxy, //to load initial data and live updates
    save:customProxy //to enable Dataprocessor and push updates to backend

    We are planning several improvements for Webix proxies in 6.2, so after that we will be able to share a recommended sample of Comments with web sockets.

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