Datatable Multiple Column Sorting with Sorting Arrows


I am currently working on the Webix Datatable sorting and as per the requirement I have to implement "Multiple Column" Sorting. I have searched the Webix docs and Forums but didn't get any example related to my requirement.

I need to develop a datatable with minimum 20 columns and have to provide ability to users to sort Multiple columns and have to show the data based on the sorting with the sorting arrows to the respected columns(As shown in the below Image).

But the issue here is Webix Datatable displays the sorted arrows only to the last clicked column and previously sorted columns arrows are cleared. I am currently using the dTable.markSorting method. Is there any way to fix this issue?



  • Hi,

    When you click on the header, DataTable starts to display arrows indicating which column the table is currently sorted by and the direction of this sorting (ascending or descending).
    To create multiple columns sorting with sorting arrows in each column you need to make a custom sorting as described here:
    with a markSorting method.

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