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Hello! I am trying to integrate my own js-library into webix. I took ace-editor integration as an example. Everything went well while there were only one ui using my own view. When I add more ui there is mess begining (reinicialization and other stuff). The reason is the realization of my library in my opinion. Can you give some advice/instruction how to create basic library to intergate it with webix?



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    In general, a custom Webix widget (usually based on primary ui.view) can serve as a container for a third-party widget (in other words, for any html content).

    As a better start point, you can try to explore a basic example with Wijmo charts:

    The webix.protoUI which results in a Webix custom component is quite simple here. It features just

    • rendering,
    • passing Wijmo config from configuration of Webix view
    • resizing
    • ability to get the nested instance of Wijmo chart to use its API

    All mentioned features are implemented in the following code:

    // custom Webix-Wijmo view
        this.$view.innerHTML = "<div style='width:100%; height:100%;'></div>";
      // resize chart on Webix view resize
        if (webix.ui.view.prototype.$,x,y))
      // a custom 'private' method
        var chart = config.chartConfig;      
        new wijmo.chart.FlexChart(this.$view.firstChild, chart);
      // a custom 'public' method
        return wijmo.Control.getControl(this.$view.firstChild);
    }, webix.ui.view);

    When I add more ui there is mess begining (reinicialization and other stuff)

    Unfortunately, it is possible if the instance of a widget from you framework is initialized globally with no possibility to reference the exact instance. Otherwise, there is a way to locate particular widget by its Webix container (as implemented above in getChart)

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