Component behavior issues

There's two component behaviors that really bug me and should probably be fixed. I'm on a Mac if it matters.

  1. If you accidentally right click on a slider handle, the slider handle gets stuck to the mouse even after release. Other javascript slider components don't suffer from this issue, so I would think it should be possible to fix.

  2. On a color picker with a color board with a lot of colors, the slightest movement of the mouse while selecting a color results in no color selection. A drag on a color board should not invalidate the color selection. The color selection should happen on mouse up. This problem always exists, but is way more of an issue with small color swatches. Another factor is that dragging inside a color picker is a very common UI interaction for graphic software, in short people are use to doing an interaction that is broken in webix.


  • Hello,

    I can confirm these issues. Thank you for the reports!
    We will investigate these issues further

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