visually alter tabview

Is it possible to programmatically visually alter an arbitrary "tab" of a tabview (change the background or text colour) to denote the tab needs attention or has active filtering etc? If so could someone possibly point me to an example, I cannot seem to find anything relevant in the forums. Thanks



  • Hello,

    Please check the sample:

  • Thank you Nastja, but this is hard coding the css for each tab. I'm looking for a way to "highlight" (change the appearance of the background or the label colour) a specific tab programmatically upon an event. So by way of example; something happens, perhaps a filter is applied, a button pressed, a selection is made in a different panel or what ever the event is and based on that event one or more tabs are altered - visually.
    I managed it with the segmented buttons with some help from your colleagues but cannot work out how with the tabview. Any pointers would be most welcome.
    - SrvrSide

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